Home Study

2019, Narrative short, comedy, 9 minutes 31 seconds

A nervous gay couple hoping to adopt a child struggles to impress an opinionated social worker.

written and directed by Daniel Lee                                                                        produced by Scott Prendergast                                                                               director of photography Alan Torres                                                                               editor Jamie Gross                                                                                                            composer Robert Toteras

Cast Casey…. Courtney Davis Daniel…. Daniel H. Lee Scott…. Scott Prendergast

Husbands Daniel and Scott desperately want to adopt a child. But first, they need to pass an obligatory and dreaded “home study,” which involves being interviewed and visited by an adoption professional. Casey, the seemingly unflappable social worker assigned to their case, assures the anxious couple that she’s only there to ask a few innocuous questions and take a quick tour of their house. But the more Casey probes, the more agitated Daniel and Scott become, and the situation begins to unravel. Their home study goes from awkward to worse—until a single phone call changes everything.